Vision Statement
Rio Blanco County (County) and its partners will implement and maintain IT infrastructure and services resulting in Rio Blanco County positioning itself as a modern, world class destination for tourism; business growth; safe, healthy, happy living; and as an ideal place to raise, educate, and retain your family. County will accomplish this by implementing a fiber to the home (FTTH) solution in Meeker and Rangely and a licensed high bandwidth fixed wireless backhaul system across a countywide tower network for the delivery of modern high speed broadband, cellular, and emergency services (ES) within the next 3 years.

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 RBC's Broadband Policy Goals
  • Fastest Service (such as high speed Internet)
  • Robust Service Selection (Internet, Phone, TV, Backup, etc.)
  • Best Price
Broadband is less about getting ahead as a community, as it is about maintaining relevancy as a community.

 Overview of the Project 
Via Community Broadband Network's Podcast found HERE
  • This is a 23 minute interview between Community Broadband Networks and Rio Blanco County's IT Director focusing on the broadband project.
 Fiber Optics Explained

Fiber Optic Cables: How They Work

  • 5 1/2 Minute YouTube Video by  Bill Hammack the "Engineerguy" out of the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, University of Illinois - Urbana.

Colorado Broadband Speed Test Application:
Colorado Broadband Speet Test Application

If you live in Colorado (Work or Home) please help the State Office of Information Technology (OIT) out by running this speed test - click on image or click HERE

View the Colorado Broadband Map HERE.

                                                                        Supporters/Partners/Community Anchor Institutions (WCITC)
 County WideMeeker Rangely Other 

Meeker Airport
Meeker Sanitation
VFW - Meeker Post 5843
Rangely Fire Department
Rangely Airport
Rio Blanco Water Conservancy
Broadband Advocacy Committee

Broadband Approach

This scope of services defines a four-tiered public-private partnership consisting of four main roles:

  1. A public sector Network Owner. This role is filled by Rio Blanco County

  2. A private partner as Network Operator. This role  is filled by Colorado.Fiber.Community

  3. Private partners as Service Providers.

  4. Private partner Value Added Resellers (VAR or VARs).

For a more detailed description, read our Four Tiered Public, Private, Partnership document.

Milestone Report - Broadband Project 
 Date Milestone
 Jun 2014 Created a countywide broadband, cellular, and Emergency Services (ES) infrastructure and services plan
 Aug 2014 Released an RFI for the above services
 Nov 2014 Our countywide community, passed a SB05-152 override initiative
 Dec 2014 Contracted Fiber to the Block (FTTB) engineering for Meeker & Rangely
 Jan 2014 Contracted tower/wireless engineering across rural Rio Blanco County
 Mar 2015 Received a DOLA Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance grant award match for “Rio Blanco County Broadband Infrastructure”
 May 2015 Contracted Colorado.Fiber.Community as Rio Blanco's Network Operator to deliver broadband, cellular, and emergency services.
 Jul 2015 Contracted Circle H Construction to build FTTB in Meeker & Rangely Purchased the old Kum & Go building in Rangely as our Rangely Co-Lo (Data Center)
 Aug 2015  Received a DOLA Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance grant award match for “Rio Blanco County Tower/Wireless Infrastructure”
 Aug 2015 Circle H Construction begins building the FTTB in Meeker & Rangely

Next Steps - Broadband Project
  1. Remodel the broadband data center in Rangely - the old Kum & Go.
  2. Work with Network Operator to identify and contract Middle Mile provider(s) and Local Service Provider(s)
  3. Wait for DOLA fund release for Tower/Wireless.
  4. RFP for Tower/Wireless Construction
We intend to begin construction on rural RBC, in addition to Meeker & Rangely's FTTB, in 2016.

DOLA - Department of Local Affairs
DOLA Broadband Infrastructure Awards as of 9/22/2015

SB05-152 Votes to Exempt as of 9/22/2015

How does Rio Blanco and the USA Compare, Prior To This Project?

Categorizing broadband (Internet) performance is difficult due to many challenges around getting accurate data samples from providers, consumers, rapidly improving local, state, and federal data maps. So the information below will vary as different organizations present their findings. Examining these and other sources, however, will help build a general sense of broadband need and performance.

How do We Compare? - Nationally for NWCCOG by OHivey

 The U.S. has lagged behind European nations in expanding Internet access, ranking 14th on communication development in a report by the International Telecommunication Union, a U.N. agency, with Denmark in first place, South Korea in second place... from US News Report 

                           (Click Image Below to Enlarge)

Resources for Planning Your Own Broadband Project:
This section is simply designed to assist other communities/counties in their pursuits of broadband solutions. It is not comprehensive and does not imply any endorsement of approach or vendor as each community's needs are unique as are the solutions they will need to employ.

Resource List & comments
 Link Synopsis
NTIA Website - BroadbandUSA Several useful links including:
 FTTH Council - Community Toolkit
  • Awesome help with FTTH (Fiber to the Home) community model
Craig Settles -
  • Online radio style interviews of other community projects
  • Building the Gigabit City Book 
Mountain Connect
  • Excellent Annual, Colorado Conference on Broadband
 Educate Yourself - Kindle Store
  • Start your own digital book collection on broadband, fiber, wireless.
  • Listen to them (text to speech) on road trips or during your daily commute.