The mission of the County Treasurer is to collect all revenues on behalf of those public sector entities which use the property tax as a source of revenue. The County Treasurer functions as the County's banker: receiving, investing and disbursing moneys in accordance with applicable State statutes. The Treasurer also handles public tax sales, mobile homes and related issues.

Karen Arnold, Treasurer & Public Trustee

Rhonna Waldref, Deputy
Brenda Purkey, Clerk

Mailing Address:
PO Box G
Meeker, CO 81641

Physical Address: 
555 Main Street
Meeker, CO 81641


Hours: 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Monday - Friday (except holidays)

As of 1/1/15 Colorado Newspapers are required to post their legal notices to


Can I move my mobile home?

Yes, mobile homes can be moved, either within Rio Blanco County, to the landfill (check with the landfill for fees), to another Colorado County, or out-of-state. If the mobile home is to be located outside the city limits of Meeker or Rangely, contact the Rio Blanco County Planning Department for any restrictions. If the mobile home is to be located within the city limits of Meeker or Rangely, contact the respective Town Halls for more information.

What is required to move my mobile home?

A mobile home authentication and orange movement tag, obtained from the county Treasurer's Office in person, are required for all mobile home moves. The fee is $10.00 for the authentication, which states the tax status of the mobile home is current, along with other information. Please provide the following information to the Treasurer's office for authentication: 
  • Mobile Home Title
  • Schedule number 
  • Assessed owner's name
  • Old physical address of mobile home
  • New physical address of mobile home
  • New Owner's name & address
  • Date of movement (if applicable)
  • Mover's name & address
Please check with the Rio Blanco County Road & Bridge Department for any closures or restriction in place at the time you plan to move. You may also be required to obtain permitting from the State of Colorado, which may be handled by your mover.

I'm selling my mobile home, but it's not moving. What is needed?

For a name change on a title, a mobile home authentication must be obtained, either in person or by mail, from the Treasurer's office. tax status is checked and may require tax payment. The cost of the authentication is $10.00. The Clerk and Recorder's Office requires this form, along with the original title, for the title change. Additional costs for a title change are collected in the county Clerk and Recorder's Office.

I'm selling my mobile home and it's moving somewhere else. What is needed?

A mobile home authentication (cost: $10.00) and orange movement tag must be obtained in person from the Treasurer's office. Taxes may need to also be paid. The original authentication is then taken to the Clerk and Recorder's office, along with the original title, where the name change will be processed, for additional fees. A copy of the authentication can be given to the mover, along with the orange movement tag.

I bought a manufactured home. It is on a permanent foundation. How is this handled?

Usually, a title (called an MSO - Manufacturer's Statement of Origin) for the manufactured home is kept by the mortgage company. The home is inspected by the Assessor's office and treated like a standard home on the tax roll. you must contact the county Building Department, Sales and Use Tax Department, and the county Assessor's Office for proper filing.

I want to put my mobile home on a permanent foundation. What happens in this situation?

The Building Department and Assessor's Office must be contacted. If the mobile home is successfully combined with a Real Property Schedule, the mobile home title must be purged, as it is no longer taxed as a mobile home. the county Treasurer requires the title, a signed request to purge form, and that the taxes are paid. this information is sent to the State of Colorado. There is no charge for this.

Certified warrant for 2014 taxes to be collected in 2015 


What if my mailing address changes?

Report any changes or corrections to the county Assessor's Office (970)878-9410.

The property owner is not as listed. What needs to be done to transfer ownership?

This can happen due to death, marriage, or new ownership. the transfer of ownership requires that proper legal documentation be filed in the county Clerk & Recorder's Office. The best way to accomplish this accurately is to consult an attorney.

I didn't get my notice. If I don't get a notice, how can I pay?

Failure to receive a property tax notice does not exempt the taxpayer from timely payment of the taxes due. If you have not received your tax notice by January 31st, call the Treasurer's Office, request a duplicate notice be sent to you and confirm your mailing address.

To insure mailings are delivered to any one other than the assessed owner, we can add "IN CARE OF" and change the address to a current one. This does not transfer the title, it only insures notification is received.


  • Real property is subject to tax lien sale if taxes are not paid.
  • Mobile homes are subject to distraint and tax lien sale if taxes are not paid.
  • Personal property (filed by businesses) is subject to distraint, seizure, and public tax sale if taxes are not paid.
  • All tax sales in Colorado are conducted as per CRS 39-11-101 through 39-12-113.
  • The Rio Blanco County Tax Lien Sale is mid-November of each year the week before Thanksgiving. Call the county Treasurer for the exact date and time.
  • The sale is conducted in the office of the county Treasurer and is a bidding auction. Minimum bidding starts with published amounts which include the taxes due, interest, advertising, special assessments, and certificate of purchase fees. Bids are taken in $1.00 increments over and above the published amount due. Bid monies are not refundable.
  • All purchases must be covered by cash, certified funds, or personal check with the Treasurer's approval.
  • Each year the Colorado Banking Commission determines the rate of return. The annual percentage rate is set at nine points above the federal discount rate as of September of that year.
  • When you purchase a tax lien sale certificate on property, you become a recorded lien holder on that property. You purchase the tax lien, NOT the property.
  • The Treasurer's Deed application process requires a $300.00 minimum deposit and takes several months to complete. A Treasurer's Deed can be issued three years from the date of the original tax sale date. The tax sale certificate may be redeemed up until the time the Treasurer's Deed is issued.


  • Mid to late January - tax notices are mailed to assessed owners 
  • February 28 - First Half Payment Due (if using option of half payments)
  • April 30 - Whole Payment Due (if using option of whole payment)
  • June 15 - Second Half Payment Due (if using option of half payments)
  • Early July - Delinquent Notices are sent to assessed owners if taxes are not paid
  • Mid September - Distraints served on Mobile Homes if taxes are not paid
  • Early October - Personal Property and Mobile Homes advertised if taxes are not paid
  • Mid October - Real Property advertised if taxes are not paid
  • Mid November - Tax Sale is held for Mobile Homes and Real Property if taxes are not paid

Treasurer Calendar



When are my property taxes due and payable?

Property taxes are due January 1st for the previous year. Payment may be paid in two equal installments or in one full installment.

Half Payment Option
    1st Payment Due - February 28th
    2nd Payment Due -  April 30th

Whole Payment Option
    Payment Due - June 15th



If I am unable to pay what is due, can I pay what I can?

Only half or full payment will be accepted. Partial payments are not accepted.

Can I use my credit card for payment?

Credit card payments and foreign currency are not accepted.

What is the Treasurer's Admin Fee?

Any tax amount less then $10.00 is subject to a Treasurer's Administration Fee of $5.00 as authorized by Colorado State Statute 30-1-102(3). Because the tax amount is split many ways, Rio Blanco County receives a small percent. The Treasurer's Admin Fee helps recover the costs of the tax notice paper, postage, printing, etc. The $5.00 Admin Fee becomes part of the total amount due.


Why am I getting a tax notice if my mortgage company pays the taxes?

Colorado revised statutes mandate that the Treasurer mail the property tax notice to the owner of record as their name and address are listed on the tax roll certified by the county assessor. Therefore, your mortgage company does not receive a copy of the property tax notice. Most mortgage companies acquire tax amounts for the accounts they service. However, if you feel your mortgage company requires a property tax notice, simply send them a photocopy of your notice.

I didn't realize my mortgage company pays the taxes. I sent a payment to the Treasurer's office. What happens now?

The Treasurer will process the first payment received and return the subsequent payment to the paying party. The Treasurer does not hold or apply additional monies.