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Emergency Management

Emergency Manager: Ty Gates

PO Box 1460 Meeker CO 81641
Direct Office Phone: (970) 878-9623
Fax: (970) 878-3127

Colorado Office of Emergency Management

Northwest Colorado Fire Management Unit Board Charter

Rio Blanco County Community Wildfire Protection Plan


Rio Blanco County Pre-Disaster Natural Hazards Strategic Mitigation Program and Plan

Emergency Management Mission Statement

The purpose of emergency planning is to increase the effectiveness and readiness of community emergency and disaster response. by being effective and prepared, emergency planning will aid the community to mitigate the impacts of emergencies and disasters. emergency planning and management shall meet the resquirements of the various state and federal laws as they apply to emergency planning, management and hazardous materials.

The county emergency management team is involved in all aspects of emergency management.

The four Components of Emergency Management are:

Any action taken to eliminate or reduce the degree of long?term risk to human life and property from natural and man?made hazards. Mitigation assumes that society is exposed to risks whether or not an emergency occurs.

General Measures:

 ■ Building Codes   ■ Land Use Management   ■ Disaster Insurance
 ■ Risk Mapping   ■ Monitoring/Inspection   ■ Safety Codes
 ■ Public Education   ■ Statutes/Ordinances  ■ Risk Analysis
 ■ Litigation   ■ Hazard Identification   ■ Tax incentives

Any activity taken in advance of an emergency that facilitates the implementation of a coordinated response in the event an emergency occurs.

General Measures:

 ■ Continuity of Government   ■ Emergency Operations Plans   ■ Warning Systems
 ■ Emergency Communications   ■ Mutual Aide Agreements   ■ Tests/Exercises
 ■ Identify Shortfalls   ■ Emergency Alert System   ■ Resource Mgt.
 ■ Identify Capabilities   ■ Public Information Materials   ■ Training
 ■ Hazard Analysis  

Any action taken immediately before, during or directly after an emergency occurs to save lives., minimize damage to property, and enhance the effectiveness of recovery.

General Measures:

 ■ Activate Emergency Plan   ■ Data Collection for Damage   ■ Activate Ops Center
 ■ Activate Warning System   ■ Activate Mutual Aid   ■ Alert Ops Staff
 ■ On Scene Control   ■ Search and Rescue   ■ Reception and Care
 ■ Resource Mobilization   ■ Emergency instructions  

A short?term activity to return vital life?support systems to minimum operating standards and long?term activity designed to return life to normal or improved levels.

General Measures:

 ■ Crisis Counseling   ■ Public Information   ■ Temporary Housing
 ■ Debris Clearance   ■ Damage Assessment   ■ Audits
 ■ Disaster Centers   ■ Disaster Loans/Grants   ■ Reconstruction
 ■ Assess Plans   ■ Unemployment Assistance   ■ Demolition

Rio Blanco County Sheriff's Office in constantly striving to meet the increasing need to respond to emergency situations in Rio Blanco County. The response area covers 3,263 square miles. There are many natural resource production facilities in the county, such as oil, gas, coal, and nahcolite. These, coupled with naturally occurring hazards, require constant vigilance by the Emergency Response agencies in the county.