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Public Notices:
  • Personal Property Declaration Schedules are due to the Assessor no later than April 15th.
  • Oil and Gas Declaration Schedules are due to the Assessor no later than April 15th.
  • Real property Notices of Valuation will be mailed on or before May 1st.
  • Senior Homestead exemption applications are due to the Assessor no later than July 15th.

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Renae T. Neilson, Assessor

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Meeker, CO 81641                              

Physical Address:
555 Main Street
Meeker, CO 81641

Phone: 970-878-9410                               
Fax: 970-878-5701


Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday (except holidays)


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The actual value assigned to residential properties are based on sales that occurred in an 18-month period (for 2015, the time frame is January 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014.)  Those sales indicate the market conditions in various parts of Rio Blanco County and the market value of specific types of properties. 

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Property tax revenue supports public schools, county governments, special districts, municipal governments and junior colleges. All of the revenue generated by property taxes stays within our county. Property taxes do not fund any state services.

The county assessor is responsible for discovering, listing, classifying, and valuing all property in the county in accordance with state laws. The assessor's goal is to establish accurate values of all property located within the county, which in turn ensures that the tax burden is distributed fairly and equitably among all property owners.

Real property is revalued every odd-numbered year. Personal property is revalued every year. Property tax calculations consist of several components:
  • actual value of the property
  • property classification
  • assessment rate
  • assessed value
  • tax rate

For more information about understanding Property Taxes CLICK HERE.


Real and personal property is taxable in Colorado unless specifically exempted by law.

Real property includes land, buildings, and fixtures that are physically incorporated into a building or affixed to land (HVAC, lighting, plumbing, etc.) Real property also includes possessory interests, which are private property interests or the right to the occupancy and use of an otherwise tax-exempt property.

Personal property includes machinery, equipment, furniture, and other articles related to the business of a commercial or industrial operation. A more detailed discussion of personal property in the brochure below.

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Colorado law 39-1-104 (10.2) (a) C.R.S. requires a two-year reassessment cycle for all property.    Reappraisal years occur on every odd-numbered year. We will mail a Notice of Valuation around May 1. Each notice will describe the property you own and give the value for the last two years. You have the right to appeal your value each year regardless of value changes. May of each year is set aside for the Assessor’s office to hear appeals on real property valuations.

For more information about Property Tax Appeals CLICK HERE.


Colorado offers a senior citizen homestead exemption. For a qualified senior, 50% of the first $200,000 in actual value of their primary residence is exempt from property taxation.

A qualified senior is a person who meets each of the following requirements:
  • Senior must be at least 65 years old on January 1 of the year the application is filed.
  • Senior must have owned their home for at least 10 years.
  • Senior must lived in their home for at least 10 years.
    •  A surviving spouse of a senior who qualified for the exemption may also apply. 
The state pays the exempted portion of the property tax.

Individuals who qualified for the exemption on January 1st may file an application with the county assessor.  The application deadline is July 15. 

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The application can be found by clicking the links below:


Colorado offers a disabled veterans exemption. For disabled veterans who qualify, 50% of the first $200,000 of actual value of the veteran's primary residence is exempt from property taxation.

A qualified disabled veteran is a person who meets each of the following requirements:
  • An individual who served on active duty in the U.S. armed forces.
  • An individual who was honorably discharged.
  • An individual who sustained a service-connected disability that has been rated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as 100% "permanent and total."
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Applications can be found at: